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Hurricane Protection
(Florida Product Approved)

With the Force 12™ system, TruBlu offers more than just an exceptional product. We offer the engineering expertise required to meet proper specifications for each installation. We recognize installation as a critical component of Force 12™ performance; therefore, TruBlu has access to structural engineers to provide site specific engineering for your custom projects.

Force 12™ has passed the large and small missile impact test in Miami Dade County Florida, as well as ASTM standard test, clearly substantiating the exceptional structural integrity and durability carefully designed into every aspect of this innovative system. The Force 12™ certified test specifications below confirm the product’s superior strengths.


Design load +/- 60 psf. Test specimen taken to 90 psf with no resultant weakening of the test specimen.



A 2”x4” board weighing 9 pounds impacted at speed exceeding 50 feet per second demonstrated no penetration or damage to test subject. Maximum test required impact of a specimen, once in the corner and once in the middle with a large missile.  The Force 12™ screen was struck three times in the same location with no resulting damage or weakening of the test specimen.



Design +/- 60psf. with no weakening of the Force 12 system was noted.



All of our hurricane protection products have tested and passed ASTM protocols E330, E1886, E1996-02 as well as meeting protocols PA/TAS 201, 202, and 203. Approvals have also been acquired for Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance requirements as noted below for each product.

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